About Mainichi Japanese

Our Mission

At Mainichi Japanese, our mission is to provide high-quality Japanese language lessons that are freely available to anyone with Internet access. Whether you're motivation is for business, travel, culture, or something else, we think you'll find that Mainichi Japanese has something of value to offer you on your path to mastering the Japanese language.

Our Team

Mainichi Japanese's secret sauce is our team: we're all Japanese language students ourselves. If you're a Japanese language student who would like to contribute a lesson, please send your lesson idea for consideration at contact(at)mainichijapanese.com.


While our team strives to ensure that the information provided on Mainichi Japanese is accurate, you may encounter errors or mistakes. If you do find an error, please help us to correct our mistake as quickly as possible by shooting a quick e-mail to contact(at)mainichijapanese.com. ありがとうございます!