Lesson 5: Japanese Questions

Objective: Learn to read and write simple questions in Japanese.

Key Words

  • か = question marker



か is used at the end of a question sentence.

  • Sentence + か。 = Question

    [sentence + ka]

New Vocabulary

びょうき = sick; ill


だいじょうぶ = alright; safe


おもしろい = interesting


たかい = expensive


げんき = (doing) well



  • あなたはげんきですか。 = Are you well?

    [anata wa genki desuka]

  • あれはいえですか。 = Is that (over there) a house?

    [are wa ie desuka]

Translation Practice

Write the following sentences in Japanese using Hiragana and Katakana.

  1. Are you ill?
  2. Is this fun?
  3. Is that (over there) a dog?
  4. Are you alright?
  5. Is that very interesting?

Translate the following Japanese sentences to English.

  1. あなたはげんきですか。
  2. それはねこですか。
  3. これはとてもたかいですか。
  4. あれはひとですか。
  5. これはただしいですか。


Write the following sentences in Hiragana

  1. Good afternoon!
  2. This is a pencil.
  3. You are clever.
  4. Thank you.
  5. Is that (over there) a bird?
  6. That is correct.
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