Lesson 18: Days of the Week

Objective: Learn to read and write the days of the week.

Key Words

  • ようび = day


  • きょう = today


  • あした= tomorrow


  • きのう = yesterday



To ask about the day of the week, simply add なん + ようび to a question sentence.

  • きょうはなんようびですか。= What day is it today?

    [kyou ha nan youbi desuka]

New Vocabulary

げつようび = Monday


かようび = Tuesday


すいようび = Wednesday


もくようび = Thursday


きんようび = Friday


どようび = Saturday


にちようび = Sunday


Translation Practice

Write the following sentences in Japanese using Hiragana and Katakana.

  1. What day is it today
  2. Is it Tuesday today?
  3. Is tomorrow Monday?
  4. What day is it tomorrow?
  5. Was yesterday Saturday?

Translate the following Japanese sentences to English.

  1. きょうはもくようびですか。
  2. あしたはなんようびですか。
  3. きのうはどようびでしたか。
  4. きょうはにちようびです。
  5. あしたはすいようびですか。


Write the following sentences in Hiragana

  1. Are you sleepy?
  2. Good evening!
  3. He is not very clever.
  4. I'm sorry. That is not your computer.
  5. Who is that person?
  6. Yesterday I saw a beautiful mountain.
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