Lesson 19: Where is it?

Objective: Learn to read and write where questions using どこ.

Key Words

  • どこ = where



Simple where? questions can be created by adding どこ before desuka.

  • ... + は + どこですか。= Where is/are ... ?

    [... + wa + doko + desuka]

New Vocabulary

びんこう = bank


びょういん = hospital


こうえん = park


スーパーマーケット = supermarket


ゆうびんきょうく = post office


ホテル = hotel


コンビニ = convenience store


やっきょく = pharmacy



  • びょういんはどこですか。 = Where is the hospital?

    [byouin ha doko desuka]

Translation Practice

Write the following sentences in Japanese using Hiragana and Katakana.

  1. Where is the park?
  2. Where is he?
  3. Where is the convenience store?
  4. Where am I?
  5. Where is your car?

Translate the following Japanese sentences to English.

  1. あなたはどこですか。
  2. スーパーマーケットはどこですか。
  3. わたしはびょうきです。やっきょくはどこですか。
  4. ぎんこうはどこですか。
  5. ホテルはどこですか。


Write the following sentences in Hiragana

  1. Are you writing a letter?
  2. I didn't watch a movie yesterday. I listened to music yesterday.
  3. She's very clever.
  4. I didn't buy that computer today.
  5. A: Is your dog sick? B: That isn't my dog, that is my cat.
  6. That snake isn't long. This snake is very long.
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