Lesson 4: This, That, That (Over There) Is...

Objective: To learn to read, write and speak "This is, That is, That (Over There) is" sentences.

Key Words

  • これ = this [noun]


  • それ = that [noun]


  • あれ = that (over there) [noun]


  • 1 = (subject marker)


  • です2 = (sentence marker)


1 - When は appears after a subject,it's pronounced wa.

2 - Note about です: usually this word is pronounced dess, rhyming with the English word less.


これ is used when an object is closer to the speaker.

  • これ は _____ です。 = This is a _____ .

    [kore wa (noun) desu.]

それ is used when an object is closer to the listener.

  • それ は _____ です。 = That is a _____ .

    [sore wa (noun) desu.]

あれ is used when an object is further from both the speaker and listener.

  • あれ は _____ です。 = That (over there) is a _____ .

    [are wa (noun) desu.]

New Vocabulary

くるま = car


いえ = house


とり = bird


ひと = person


ほん = book


き = tree


いぬ = dog


かわ = river


やま = mountain


えんぴつ = pencil


ねこ = cat


はな = flower



  • これはほんです。 = This is a book.

    [kore wa hon desu]

  • それはねこです。 = That is a cat.

    [sore wa neko desu]

Translation Practice

Write the following sentences in Japanese using Hiragana and Katakana.

  1. This is a pencil.
  2. That is a tree.
  3. That (over there) is a mountain.
  4. This is a dog. That is a cat.
  5. That (over there) is a river.

Translate the following Japanese sentences to English.

  1. それはくるまです。
  2. これはほんです。
  3. あれはやまです。
  4. それはとりです。
  5. あれはわたしのいえです。


Write the following sentences in Hiragana

  1. I am American.
  2. You are very clever.
  3. Nice to meet you.
  4. I'm sorry.
  5. You are beautiful.
  6. I am happy.
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